chasing my dreams with a broken heart.
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chasing my dreams with a broken heart.
the only lonely person in college…

whats gonna happen when i drop the sorority? who am i gonna have? christie probably wont talk to me anymore, and well probably no one will talk to me (not that they do anyway). i probably wont see them Anyway… bc ill be in clinicals. but thinking about it.. what if i dont make any friends in my cluster what if all of them form a study group and they dont invite me? what if i dont make any nursing friends? what if every day after class i just go home and have no friends. id be devastated. what if my free friday and saturday nights consisted of moping around the house and watching tv. im gonna be the lonliest person in the world. id probably cry myself to sleep alot. i know i dont want to be in the sorority anymore for sure, but im still gonna be lonely. why is it so hard to find a good friend =\ or did i just fuck everything up? sometimes i just dont know anymore.

today at school during my break i felt so alone, i had no one to hang out with, i began to feel so awkward and lonely that i just sat in my car til i had to go to class. this really sucks. and the worst part is i dont even know if its going to get better…

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my other half

sometimes i dont know if i want to be with you, we dont laugh at the same jokes, we dont always agree on the same things, i want to be more educated, you want the easiest way out,i like to talk and you dont, sometimes we dont think the same way. there are times when i wonder if im with the right guy… but then i realized i would not live without your smile, or the fact that you know how to make me feel better when im crying, or that you know when i want something even if i say no, i could not imagine life without your hugs, there are so many things you do that i seriously cant imagine life without you.. and then i realize i could not be with more of the right guy for me, because for everything that your not like me, makes you be my other half and idk i love that.

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